Visually Improve Communication

Interpret your geospatial data in a way that every person in every business sector can understand. Leave the map books in the office.

The Argis® Framework gives you the first what-you-see-is-what-you-get tool, saving time and money associated with workforce deployment and errors in asset location. An augmented reality picture is truly worth one thousand words. Without training and detailed explanations, the Argis® Framework clearly reveals details of underground assets, exposes right of way and encroachment issues and details important assets during emergency response. 

  • Real estate agents reveal data on buildings during a drive by with potential buyers.
  • Inexperienced university maintenance crews locate irrigation assets.  
  • Oil companies whose field crews walk vast areas can find pipeline locations and property right- of-way information quickly.   

Download more information about the impact the Argis® Framework makes on Right of Way and Foreign Crossings challenges, allowing your team to step into the map