Empower the On Site Team

Field technicians can immediately expose the location of underground assets, determine right of way and encroachment challenges, and improve emergency response without having to cross-reference different datasets.  

Even if assets are covered with snow, debris or water, the Argis® Framework software will guide field technicians to the location of a critical asset in real-time, with real-world context. Argis Solutions brings the manager on the ground and the GIS expert in the office together in a new way to visualize geospatial data. The application possibilities are limitless: 

  • Visualize future construction changes and their impact on a proposed site. 
  • Reveal current assets in relation to future work projects. 
  • Improve safety for field technicians by intuitively showing hazardous zones.

Download more information about the impact the Argis® Framework makes on Right of Way and Foreign Crossings challenges, allowing your team to step into the map