Early Adoption means Adaptation

Argis Solutions, a start-up technology company based out of Denver, CO, is in the early adopter phase of its development. Our early adopter client base has great opportunity to profoundly affect the shape and functionality of the Argis® Framework through robust feedback and communication. This quick moving company is working tirelessly to support and improve our award winning Argis® Framework, with new functionality and features coming shortly on the horizon.


The Argis® Framework is accurate as your geospatial data. Because of the limitations of most GPS in mobile devices, the Argis® Framework has a two meter error rate. For the most accurate readings Argis Solutions advises the use of an external industrial grade GPS. Our Customer Relations Team will be happy to help you determine the appropriate tool that you need, if you want to improve upon the accuracy available in standard tablets and phones.  


Though the Argis® Framework  projects your data onto a location through a tablet or phone, Argis Solutions does not interact with your data unless a specific consultation has been requested. Your geospatial data is fed in real time from your server, through our middleware to your screen. To keep your data secure in that process, the Argis® Framework authenticates from the server to your mobile device.  

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